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LP And HP Pallet Wrappers
  • LP And HP Pallet Wrappers

LP And HP Pallet Wrappers

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  • 225 Pre-Stretch: 3 ft. of film going through pre-stretch rolls comes out 10 ft. of film onto load. Other pre-stretch gearing available with simple sprocket change
  • Photo Eye: Will automatically seek height of pallet load
  • Reinforcing Wrap: Allows machine to apply multiple wraps at any desired location
  • Home Position: Turntable always returns to original position
  • Automatic or manual operation switch
  • Adjustable wrapping tension
  • Adjustable turntable speed
  • Film Break Re-Start: If film brakes during operation, simply press START button again to continue program cycle. No need to start from the beginning again.
  • Air leading unit is deviced inside of colorful film shrinkage furnace, and the air directon con be adjusted. No matter of colorful or transparent film, after shrinking, the product becomes beautiful and uniform.
  • Top and Bottom Wrap Counter: Allows operator to select number of wraps on top or bottom of load.
  • Film carriage security door with safety interlocks: If door is opened, machine will automatically be shut off.
  • Emergency stop switch: When activated will shut off machine.
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